Beetle, Electrical and Water Inspections

Our inspection pricing is market related. We believe in quality work, at a reasonable price.

We are in a difficult position when it comes to our business, the seller does not want to be spending money on something they are selling (Assuming there are defects) and won’t be getting any benefit from ensuring that the electrics are safe or the roof will not fall on their heads.

The buyer on the other hand would like to have a totally new installation (Can’t blame the buyer, everyone wants brand new second hand).  Anyone else (agents and attorneys) involved would prefer that there weren’t any conditions attached to the sale.  This is where we have to walk the high wire without a net, trying to keep everyone happy and safe.

Safe, that is what our BIG thing is. It is not always easy to understand the regulations, but in a nutshell for the electrical inspections, our mandate is to ensure that the premises are reasonably safe for man and child and the family pets. The reasonably safe being strict regulations from SANS. (For us older folks, SANS was SABS)

We cover the entire peninsula and will go a bit further out when required.

As we do not like comebacks, which we feel are totally counter- productive. We do it right first time!!

We look forward to being of service to you.

Many thanks,

John and Martha Brink